Leaving for Malawi


Well.. I didn’t want to surprise anyone, or give the impression that I was running off for two years without mentioning it. So, blog #1; After nearly a year-long application process, I was invited by the Peace Corps to serve in the country of Malawi.  My project will focus in community forestry and I will most likely reside in a rural community.  I should first clarify that I am NOT at this very moment in Malawi (southeast Africa), but I am in Troy, Ohio blogging my heart out, in my dad’s living room.   Which brings me to my next point; time.  I have received all of the medical clearances and jumped through the right hoops to have a plane ticket for  Malawi on March 7th.   I apologize for the delayed response/dispersion of this news. News like this is not only hard for me to process, but also hard to share in a tactful way.  I have so far enjoyed basking in the notoriety and novelty of moving to the developing world, but I fully anticipate unimaginable hardships to come and to be humbled beyond recognition by these next two years.   The analogies that come to mind are.. climbing into a spaceship and landing on another planet with under 80 lbs of luggage, or more simply just jumping into an icy body of water.  So If you look at me and say, “wow, I can’t believe you’re moving to Africa!”.  I may give you a really  stoic reply, but deep down inside I say the same thing to myself at the beginning of most days .

Really, my vision for this blog is to keep interested people informed of my experience while in Malawi.   I don’t want this to be a creative writing exercise, I feel really tempted to do so for the exclusive entertainment of others.  But besides the true tales of obscurity that are sure to follow, I would really hope to offer perspective above all other things.  So please feel free to comment or ask questions.  And hold me to my own aspirations.  I certainly don’t want for you to feel like you’ve wasted your time on the internet… 

And lastly, as a disclaimer. While I am going with the Peace Corps, this particular blog will not have any affiliation with that agency, just loose association.  I hope that is Kosher/legal…  The content will come  through my own personal/cultural/spiritual lenses.  So if I talk about my relationship with God, unsafe cooking practices,or even poaching. Don’t cry foul.

so stay tuned and thanks for your time… and I’ll put updated blogs on Facebook as the opportunity provides.

Stay blessed,

Jeff G.


About jeff G.

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Malawi. I work as a forestry advisor near Nyenje Forest Reserve in the district of Nkhotakota. I like reading, chatting with friends,biking, farming, and eating nsima, at least that's all I do anymore.

2 responses to “Leaving for Malawi

  1. Jake

    Safe travels man i will defiantly keep this link and hope to follow your new to come adventures.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your poaching/giardia/spiritual and otherwise adventures, Jeff. Safe travels, sir, I know that planting yourself down in an alien environment is large work, but you will do well, and you have a lot of love behind you, supporting your way and your spirit. Safe travels!

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